Thursday, 14 October 2010

The End of the Taxi?

Just looking through the news tonight and came across the latest developments in the "driverless" car. In certain cars now there is a function that reverse parks or parallel parks for the driver by the touch of a button.

In the news there was a story about the trials of cars driving around a city using sensors and computer intelligence. This article highlighting a potential use for this technology instantly gets me thinking that in the future once this becomes standard in newer cars, I may never have to order a taxi again. New Years celebrations can be anywhere in the country, there will be less people staying over in hotels etc...

Another thought, does this mean that you dont need a licence -just buy a car and never "drive" again!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Intellectual Property

Trade Marks, Copyright and  Patents are a minefield for any business wanting to set up. Patents are difficult to apply for, expensive and have to be unique and undisclosed to the public unless under a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Work produced by anyone and can be proven that it is their own work is fairly easily protected under copyright.Trade Marks need to be applied for. If the name has a TM next to it, then the name or image that is associated with that company is in the process of being applied for. If it has and R next to it, then the company has got the Trade Mark. But did you know that the Trade Mark will only protect the companies image if it is only applied in certain markets. An interesting article relating to the Iphone and their apps. See Article. For more information go to