Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Press Release

Today was the first press release of hopefully many about Fortune and Venture. The aim is to get worldwide recognition and for people to give the game a go. On the site there are many features that are currently available or in the pipeline. Our aim is for students studying finance in one format or another, whether it be Business Studies or Accountancy being studyied at GCSE, A Level / equivalent of or above to play this game and use the website on a regular basis. Business startups may also find this website useful as it aids people in interpreting cash flow, which is king in any business.

The data collected from each of the games played can be interpreted and placed in income statements, balance sheets, trial balances and used in ratios. This allows for further analysis of the data which can be done through the assignment set in the teachers section.

The website has the potential to grow organically through our ideas and yours.
Along with newspapers see article, we have decided to use Facebook (group Fortune and Venture) and Twitter (FandV2010)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The next European hot spot!

Audi is to invest 900 million Euros in Hungary see article. This can only be fantastic for Hungary, but possibly a kicker for Germany.
Although the finish of the car is most likely to be indifferent than if it was to be manufactured in Germany, the difference to Audi is purely the bottom line.
But should cost be the main factor when relocating or setting up satellite plants? It would be interesting to see how many other businesses follow suit and set up manufacturing plants in Hungary over the next 10 years.
With the EU being borderless in terms of labour force and trade, will there be a further exodus of British manufacturing to foreign climates?

Monday, 13 September 2010

Car Insurance and Crash for Cash

Following on from my previous blog about the "Crash for Cash", the knock on effects are plain to see and will be felt by everyone.

Bad apples affect everyone!!!  See article

Not only does this effect me and my friends. The new learner driver will have to pay even more for their insurance which is generally extortionate in the first place. In some cases car insurance can cost more than the actual car!

Have there been any other scams that have had a knock on effect?

Super Mario hits 25 Years

25 Years and Super Mario is going strong.
In the age of technology, I think it is fantastic that Super Mario is still going strong. With sales of over 240 million copies of the game being sold in one format or another is phenomenal see article. A game and character that could easily be outdated has shown that it has stood the test of time. For all those Business Studies students out there studying product lifecycles and extension strategies.
This brand and character are worth looking at in more depth. What their secret? Are there many other products in the market place that have had an extended shelf life?