Friday, 30 January 2015

Standing out.

Standing out from the crowd. In my short time of networking, meeting and getting FandV off the ground, I have met quite a number of people who have given me their business cards. Unless I write notes on the back of the cards that I do on occasion have trouble putting a face to a name. The CEO of Lego has gone one step further with his "Business Card".

Decline in iPad sales

Where the decline in iPad sales can actually be seen as a good thing. Shocked by the statement. I was until I read the article. Makes a lot of sense afterwards.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

You get what you pay for.

In a lot of circumstances you get what you pay for. Businesses make and sell products. They will do their best to persuade you that theirs is the best option for you, whether by quality, price, status etc.

Before buying, prioritize what your expectation is. Are you basing your decision on price, quality, reputation...


Does your life reflect this?

Problem solved.

Lots of businesses are formed when the entrepreneur spots a problem, realizes that there isn't a solution and goes about fixing it.

Judi Townsend saw that mannequins from retail stores were being thrown out. They usually cost quite a bit to recycle and also costly to buy. She realized that she could salvage, refurbish and rent them out to stores, which meant that the stores did not have to buy or store them and she could make a living. Read more

Startups and hiring

I am a big fan of Duck Dynasty. Thanks to their show, family values humor and PR, they are well known across America.

When watching, it always leaves me with the thought of how does this company actually make money, as their employees seem to do very little.  Obviously there is the show that is part of the formula to make money and the back room where the daily operations of the company occur. Here are the opinions of best startup practice.

CashCrunch101 is now live. If you get the chance please take a look and let me know what you think. The app (CashCrunch 101) is going through the submission process. Hopefully will be in the Google store by the weekend and in Apple in about 15 days.

Financial literacy and starting early.

Money is a taboo subject. We are never supposed to talk about it. It is supposedly rude to ask how much people earn, spend or even save.

Well like anything, if we do not understand, we cannot appreciate.

These parents take a really good approach to money. They draw out a months salary in dollar bills and then allocate the money to the various bills that will need paying such as groceries, rent, utilities, car etc etc. This lesson allows their children to understand where the money goes and are therefore mindful when wanting something. A great lesson in budgeting and opportunity cost. Article