Thursday, 20 June 2013

Motivational video

Yes you can, sounds far better than there is a chance that I cannot! What you think

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Friday, 14 June 2013

When does technology ruin a game?

Tennis, Motor Racing, Golf and now Football (Soccer). Technology is often used to improve performance but with it, the traditional way of playing a game changes. We are not only looking at diet and the evolution of power and speed of an athlete but what about the equipment used in that sport. Formula 1 cars are run by laptops, Golfers are hitting over 300 yards with a driver and causing a lot of golf courses to become redundant, tennis rackets are stronger, lighter and can produce greater power when returning the ball. Now football / soccer and the ball - by making it lighter and its flight more controllable changes the way the game is played. Read more

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bus stop prank

Something to keep those waiting for the next bus occupied. Just show what you can do with software. Your imagination is your limitation.Applications are endless for this process. Just think shopping and how the outfit would look on you without trying it on, birthday cards etc Software

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Weddings are big business and there are a lots of avenues where your money is quickly funneled away. That's before you have even written the guest list. For some of you, you will be going to weddings, now it is summer and Wedding season. When you are next at a wedding, have a look around and see where money has been spent. It is very easy to lose sight of the day with lavish and over the top purchases when that money could have been used on the newly weds house, car and various upgrades. A simple Opportunity cost moment. Be lavish and have less, or be frugal and have more to set up your new life together. if you are luck then have both. Spare a moment for the best man too. Cost of a wedding

Monday, 10 June 2013

Obesity campaign slammed

Obesity is a problem and it is not going away. It has to be addressed sooner rather than later, otherwise the majority of health issues will be related to obesity when it could have so easily been avoided. Drink driving, texting while driving, smoking adverts etc have all become more graphic and shocking as time has gone on. If people actually took notice, there wouldn't be the need for shock tactics. See the advert and make your own mind up. Obesity advert

More than a mouthful

You either live to eat or eat to live. How about a meal that is one dish, where you can have dessert and a main meal in one bite. Gastric delight?

Cost minimization Versus motivation

With new legislation coming in regarding the Affordable care Act, employers are beginning to cut workers hours etc to reduce its costs. One company is going against the grain and spending more. It believes that by paying more now, it will reap the rewards later. Affordable care Act

3D printers?

When we talk about business plans, external influences etc, we often mention the Government, competition and on occasions technology. 3D printing is coming to the masses and it is now a question of how much will it effect us. Will stores selling polymer plastics sell on ebay to the home, instead of exclusively to businesses? Will our nation move further into the madness of the disposable era? A great article on how new technology COULD potentially change the world. 3D printing

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sponsorship and Stakeholders

In the days where money is needed to make the world go round and it is an essential part of running a football club, Bolton Wanderers Football Club would have been happy with a sponsorship deal. The only part of the deal where it caused controversy was with the whom. In today's climate, where there are a lot of financial hardships, QuickQuid a short term loan company with high interest rates had their sponsorship deal pulled due to the views of their fans. A great article to discuss ethics and shareholders. Quick Quid sponsorship