Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sandy is getting expensive

With the superstorm Sandy causing havoc across the East Coast of America, it got me thinking about the winners and losers from this storm. I heard that Netflix's subscription levels spiked and a steel production company claimed to be losing $4million a day but the CEO wasn't too worried as he thought he would make the money back through sales of steel girders which will be needed for structural repairs.Can you think of any winners and losers from Sandy? See article

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Another Iconic Brand Gone!

Business and sentiment rarely mix. Cash is King, bills have to be paid and therefore decisions have to be made which will always upset someone. Mostly it is about the bottom line, balancing the books, reducing debt or even refinancing.  Branston Pickle is one of those British Brands that have been around a long time and is part of the British furniture.I do love a sandwich with Branston Pickle on it. But unfortunately Premier Foods has a lot of debt and it is reducing its debt to live another day by selling various brands of theirs. A Japanese company has now bought the Brand and will resume production in Japan. There have been other Brands off loaded with further ones being considered. Further jobs lost, reliant businesses such as suppliers and services will lose business which could mean further job cuts along the way and another Brand made in Great Britain has gone. Read article

Be careful what you wish for.

If you have been watching any news, you would have realised that Apple and Samsung are having a disagreement. The result being a Billion dollar payout to Apple due to patent infringements. The result of the further spat could mean certain Samsung handsets being banned from being sold in the US. The problem being that Samsung makes the processors for the iphone and ipad. This could be a script from Hollywood in terms of what happens next. You decide. Read article.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Bigger is not always better!

When I was growing up, I had aspirations of earning enough money to buy a big house, fantastic car and all the trappings of success. I had thought, if I became a millionaire, life would be good and very easy. The more I think about this, having a bigger house does not necessarily make you more comfortable as there are more bills associated with maintenance, heating, furniture to fill the house, security etc. Being a millionaire still means you have problems but I guess you can pay someone to take care of them for you. Here is an article about the associated costs of upgrading. Is bigger better? Whats the opportunity cost? Only you can decide.