Friday, 27 January 2012

Gone Viral

I was looking on the Yahoo website and saw this video clip from the Federer and and Nadal match from the Australian Open. An impressive catch by the ball boy. Well worth a watch. Click here to watch it.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Baby games

I have just come across an article where a mother wanted to buy tickets for a horse riding event during the Olympics in London. She was told that she would have to buy a ticket for herself and her newborn baby at a cost of 95 pounds each. This would make a classic debate in the classroom. Should she or should she not have to pay for a ticket for the baby?  Have a read of the article baby games plus the comments below and make your own mind up.

Secrets of McDonalds

The health, eating habits, lifestyle and many other things change in time. Sitting at the dinner table for dinner, but being allowed to sit in front of the tv on saturday whilst eating was a treat. Going out for dinner or having fish and chips on friday was a welcome family outing. The age of writing letters to people has changed and now we are exchanging emails and texts constantly. I challenge the younger generation to remember your friends phone numbers since you got mobile phones.

So , how does this relate to McDonalds - well my though process goes along the lines of that as we as a nation, and human race changes, McDonalds is also changing with us and in doing so, winning. Where the recession is cutting in and competition is becoming greater McDonalds are gaining market share and intertwining with our lives. Have a read of the article for yourself. For those studying Business Studies and franchises, market share, market trends and "knowing your market" this is definitely a read: 10 secrets to McDonalds success

Websites and apps

I have recently started looking at getting an app made for my game Fortune and Venture and there is a minefield of information from flash, html5, android etc. I also have to make a decision on whether I should get the app made solely for the I phone which has its own platform or for the rest of the app users who don't use Apple products. When I do talk to the app makers I have also got to think how it will transfer across in terms of functionality etc. I cam across a great article for those of you at school / college who make websites and are thinking of making app  - the dos and donts of web and app design. Let me know what platform you would choose if you were me.