Friday, 30 March 2012

Product Lifecycle - extension strategy

I just saw this on the Yahoo website and made me think about the Product Lifecycle. There have been one hit wonders and there have been products that have been reinvented and around for a long time. Playstation has the PlayStation, PS2 and PS3. Iphone 1,2,4and the 4S.

Here is an interview with Paris Hilton. She was asked what would she do if she was no longer famous. Watch the interview and make up your own mind. Click here.


Blackeberry have announced that they have sold 11.1 million in the first quarter which is a drop of  21% from the previous quarter. Iphone on the other hand sold 37 million handsets in the same quarter. Blackberry  (RIM) are planning on going back to basics and focusing on the business market.Their USP and target market.

For the articles click here and here.

So how much of this is about shareholder pressure and dividends? They are still making money. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bamboo Smartphone

Phones are very much a part of our lives.Like everything, there are those who buy the product for function, fashion or both. When we buy a phone there are many considerations and it is not new to customise our latest purchase.  Ringtones, phone covers and jewellery have all been used. But how about a Smartphone made from wood? A designer called  Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, a final year Product & Design student at the Middlesex University in London has done such a thing. He is someone to watch who clearly knows what he wants to do and how he is going to do it. Wannabe Entrepreneurs need to take note. Will you be a new owner of one of these phones?