Saturday, 26 May 2012

Surfing in the countryside

Imagine being able to surf in the middle of the countryside. You don't need to go to the ocean or on a cruise ship to surf (wave machine). A new wave machine has been invented, albeit in a prototype format that produces waves that potentially could run for as long as 2 miles if there is enough space. I am just imagining the business potential. They are currently looking for investors to set one of these wave machines up. I can imagine a water park or skateboard park with a wet side so people can surf. Mr Hurley should seriously look into this, imagine selling surfboards and surf gear in Nebraska. Watch the video and make up your own mind. Click to watch video

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Source of Finance

Just when you thought that you have covered all sources of finance, this story surfaces. You have been taught in class that Entrepreneurs usually start up their businesses through the Bank of Mum and Dad, the help of friends and family, loans, selling of assets, equity, credit cards and so on. Well a new concept has been doing the rounds where people pledge money to the business for a a non financial return or equity. This could include access to the various development stages of the product, one of the first to be produced and therefore a collectors item, VIP passes etc. Read article

A great read

I love to read business style books and this is one that is by far the best one I have ever read. It offers insights into culture, leadership styles, the dos and dont's, good decisions, bad decisions and much more. If you are a Business Studies student then this is a book for you. There is so much material in it that you can add to your exam questions, especially with regards to Leadership and Culture.

Business Stripped Bare

Combining invaluable advice with the remarkable and candid inside stories of Virgin's greatest achievements, as well as some of its setbacks, Business Stripped Bare is a dynamic, inspirational and truly original guide to success in business and in life. This book is aimed far and wide and whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur or are just starting out, Richard strips business down to show how you can succeed and make a difference This entertaining read will be an invaluable business guide for years to come. For more information click here.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has become a phenomenon. I remember first seeing it been played on my friends iPad, it was addictive and a lot of fun. Since then it is everywhere. There are so many different version of the game, merchandise - tshirts, lunchboxes, stationary and now there is talk of a TV series. With 200 million monthly users, the numbers and potential is simply mind boggling. The company and concept was set up by 3 students who entered a competition hosted by Nokia and Hewlett-Packard CO. Are you a subscriber and if it was your company, what other opportunities would you be considering for Angry Birds? Read here.

Patent war

This is a great story for those studying Business Studies. Two massive companies (Samsung and Apple) going head to head due to patent infringements and licenses. The ruling could effect the companies and potentially our choices of handset in the future. This story is worth following and reading around. To all entrepreneurs and businesses, it is worth taking note of Intellectual Property and the like. Read here.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fashion, practicality or innovation?

Apple are a great brand. They are trendy and innovative. They have a huge following worldwide and in a way I am  but not totally surprised when I saw this story in the news.  A man loves his iPod to the extent that he has incorporated it into him through having magnets surgically implanted into his arm so that he can wear his iPod like a watch. Thereby having his iPod with him at all times amongst a back drop of artwork. It is different, it does look pretty cool and iPod will get a lot of exposure out of this. No doubt the tattoo artist will get a lot of exposure for his work and lots of goodies from Apple. I would like to see how he gets on with security when he decides to fly somewhere, or puts his hands in his pocket near his credit card. Will these magnets ruin the magnetic strip in the card thereby ending up with a useless card? I have read somewhere that people are having logos tattooed or painted on themselves for cash. marketing is getting creative, if you get chance read the blog about the houses being painted bright colors. It will be interesting to see what deals this guy will get. Have a look for yourself.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Carroll Shelby

Since moving over to the USA, I have seen a number of Mustangs and have heard the name Shelby.  An interesting man with a great story and legacy. I am sure he will be missed. Life is so short. What are you going to do with your life and how are you going to be remembered? Read about Carroll Shelby.

Entrepreneurship at its best

I saw this article the other day and thought, Wow!. I applaud this guy for what he did. He spotted an opportunity and took risks. He was willing to make it work and therefore put in a lot of effort. This story shows you that there are opportunities everywhere and if you have a little vision, are prepared to make a go of it and be tenacious - the world really is your oyster. And he is school leaving age!!! Please take the time to read this article and research other stories about him. It may even inspire you. Read about Dominic Mcvey here.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Cell phones

Mobile phones or cell phones, different terminology depending on what continent you are on, but ultimately mean the same thing. Its big business and things have changed so much in the cell phone world. I remember having my Nokia 3310 in metallic blue, then a Motorola Pebble and now I have a Blackberry. It used to be really expensive to have a cell phone, but now you can buy a phone for $10 and talk time for $20 for the month in some outlets which is ideal for holidaymakers traveling in groups etc as my cousin found out when he recently came over with his 3 friends for a trip around California. Going back phones were simplistic in their use. Talk and text. Now we have cameras, music, blue tooth, internet roaming, games and much more. This market is huge just in terms of users, their usage and different demand and therefore market segmentation is wide and varied. Ringtones, phone covers, screens pics etc - it is just mind boggling. I have the opportunity to upgrade to an Iphone 4  for $100 or do I look at other competitors. The Samsung has just launched its new version which in turn got me thinking about how much the cell phone has come in the last 10 years. Will we need iPods, mp3, mp4 players, cameras, laptops in the future - where is this development of the cell phone going. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Vericle Integration

A great article for Business students, whether it be at AS or A2 level. Businesses are always looking to cut costs in one shape or another. Cutting costs can be a short or long term plan. One of the ways is to merge with other companies and therefore cut costs and share the marketplace and expertise.
Delta Airways has just done this by buying a refinery, thereby providing themselves with stable priced fuel. It will cost in the short term but in the long term it should be a win win. Opportunity cost, investment appraisal, cash flow and many more key terms can be brought out of this article. A great example of strategy. Read article here.