Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sales and image

Abercrombie & Fitch are a clothing company with market share, branding and profit in their sights. But when does a sale of goods become one too many or undo the very thing you are trying to do - as in selling your products. Take a look at Please don't wear our clothes . Burberry had the same problem when a different target market started wearing their clothes.

Are all sales good sales?


Just about everyone in the word would have heard or seen the footage of the riots that had started in London. What was supposed to be a quiet protest soon escalated into riots. People killed, terrorised, property vandalised and looted. How many of these people rioting actually understood the full implications of their actions or why they were "protesting".

So the wider impact to name a few: - insurance premiums; tougher laws; negative publicity on London; the UK and the pending Olympics; the exchange rate; the budget cuts.......

I am sure there are many more. Add to the list or even better create your own list in your area.

Just a few stories in the news inciting a riot , during the riot , punishment

Economies of Scale or Greed?

In the news Ofcom fines TalkTalk and Tiscali for charging customers services that they never got. Is this an error or was it something that was planned. How many customers actually read the small print or check their bills? It does make you wonder. A lot of business and purchases have been done or completed through goodwill. What you see is what you get. This should be the way forward but unfortunately it does not always work that way.

Going back to the title of Economies of Scale or Greed. Was this something that the companies overlooked due to the organisations being too big and there was a breakdown in communication between departments or was it planned? Only the companies really know Ofcom-fines-talktalk-tiscali

What ever next!

Phones are part of our lives whether we like it or not. I bet you have heard - He / She has always got her phone on - never apart from it. Well whether we like it or not phones are here to stay. But in order to keep us amused "Apps" have been created, added and sold to us. Personalising phones is huge business. Next time you are out and about, have a look around and see who is actually carrying a phone. I was recently on holiday and whilst having a meal in a restaurant, a family of four were all on their phones and hardly a word said throughout the meal. Has this gone too far? There are thousands of Apps for the different types of phone and here are some of the weirdest ones 12-weirdest-apps