Friday, 21 August 2015

Career U turns

One of the most difficult questions that you are ever asked, is what do you want to be when you grow up. A lot of people fall into a career. Very few know what they want to do. This is why I feel that it  is important to try different part time jobs as you can manage to get an idea of what you like and dislike. That way you are more likely to be better informed and a better fit for a job.

These people did a total U turn in their careers. Kudos to them.

Words of wisdom. Something to think about.

These words can be applied to all works of life. No two lives are the same. Therefore it should be very difficult to judge. Unfortunately, there are too many people being judge and jury when they have no idea of the facts and what the journey has been to get to that point.

Lean on me.

Sometimes there is a need for motivation. However, it is not always one sided. Those who help, also get something out of the deal. Either way, it is a win win and in case the father and son bond has just got stronger.

Tip is included in the bill.

When you next go out to eat, the norm is to leave a tip. Usually you double the tax and that is the amount you leave for the staff. The money is left on the table as you pay your bill. Some restaurants add the tip to the bill. My question is whether the staff actually get the tip? Something to think about.