Monday, 20 December 2010

Potential collectors item

Earlier this year the Royal Mint put into circulation another edition of the 20 pence coin, but unfortunately they had not realised that there was an error. On one of the sides of the coins there should have been a date displayed, but unfortunately this was left off (see article), the result being that thses coins were now sought after and considerably more value than the tendered value of 20 pence. This got me thinking about the new 500 peso bill in the Phillipines that has been published (see article). Should I put an order in now? Are there any other blunders that have increasded the value of other products?

Police Spoof Site

It is Christmas time and for many there will be a lot of alcohol consumed. Most are able to drink within their limits, enjoy their day / evening and go home with fond memories of their social event. Unfortunately for others,- -  the minority, some people do not know when to stop and the end result being that it is ruined for others. Fights, damage and innocent bystanders being hurt in these incidents are witnessed on a regular and tedious frequency. The Government has bought in anti binge drinking legislation, adverts are shown on tv and now this (see article) which I think is fantastic. A light hearted reminder!!!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

X Factor advertising

The X Factor has been and gone. The winner will be on every radio station and there will be a number of concerts taking part around the country with all the finalists.

Has anyone ever wondered how much money has actually been made out of the X Factor and all its sidelines  and I am not just talking about Mr Cowell.

Printers, Caterers, Transport.........

In the Business Telegraph (see article) it was reported that ITV had sold some of the 30 second advertising slots during the final for more than £250,000 each. ITV was also allowed to show up to 24 30 second adverts an hour during the 2 hour final performance for £200,000 thereby attracting prices of £8000 per second. I just hope the adverts were both memorable and worth it!