Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Peanuts on a plane!

Peanuts have become somewhat of a staple when it comes to airline snacks. Southwest airlines were the first however to highlight and use the humble peanut in the marketing. Article

Class notes

Are you sick of writing notes, or do you think others can write better notes than you. What happens if you cannot make the lecture. Well someone has thought of this and is making a mint. Classnotes

Best career advice ever.

The best piece of Career advice you won't want to hear but it really does make sense. Just accept it.

A must in every interview

Something you should be prepared to do in every interview. After all it is a competition.

German Inventions

What have the Germans brought to the world. You will be surprised. Inventions

Billy Elliott

Billy Elliott, eat your heart out. Definitely something to consider. Stronger core, legs and far more supple - meaning less injuries aswell as better foot work. Football


Etiquette must not be underrated. if you are unsure, ask. Ignorance is not always bliss. See for yourself

A debate -whats your point of view and you cannot sit on the fence!

An interesting debate for the classroom. Definitely something to look at in terms of analysis and evaluation. Where do you stand on this? story

Yahoo's strategy and acquisitions.

Yahoo is coming back and how are they doing it? Acquisitions

Stakeholders. A must read and re read througout the school year.

A great article for Stakeholders and strategy. This should be read on the first day back at school and re read throughout the year as Stakeholders are introduced. Stakeholders

Working in a startup

Whats it like working in a start up? Have a read and see.

Yorkshire day!

Yorkshire day and did you know? facts

This Is What Would Happen If Fast-Food Workers Got Raises

This Is What Would Happen If Fast-Food Workers Got Raises Article